The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) is a global alliance of cities and local governments voluntarily committed to fighting climate change, reducing its inevitable impacts and facilitating access to sustainable and affordable energy for all.

Worldwide, we are already more than 13,000 cities united in our commitment to the fight against climate change. Join the force for change, where world leaders connect, collaborate and amplify their influence in a global movement toward a sustainable future.



NYC Climate Week 2024
Start date:03/10/2024
Local: New York, US
Type of event: Evento Presencial
GCoM Impact Report Deep Dive | COP28
Start date:12/12/2023
Local: EU Pavilion | COP28 Dubai
Type of event: Evento On-line
Mobilizing Resources to Scale Up Climate Action and Innovations in Cities – COP28
Start date:07/12/2023
Type of event: Evento Presencial

At the global forefront, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy unites more than 13,200 cities in over 144 countries, forging an unprecedented partnership. As part of the partnership, committed cities have access to capacity building and training for mayors and local technical teams, also contributing to the international climate dialogue and generating lasting impact in their territories.

The mission is clear: to mitigate climate change, adapt to its challenges and ensure universal access to safe and sustainable energy. In the Caribbean, this commitment made at the historic 2015 Paris Conference not only seeks to reduce emissions and foster adaptation, but also to promote cooperation between countries and technology transfer.

The GCoM is funded and supported by the European Union in the Caribbean, an institution that plays a key role in supporting the GCoM with its technical and financial commitment. Join the largest alliance of cities committed to fighting climate change. Let’s forge together a safer and more sustainable future, not only for the Caribbean, but for the entire world.